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We're going faster. It's our destiny

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Powered by Hydrogen

The new aviation fuel for fast, long-range, and sustainable travel

Built for speed

Our hypersonic airplanes reduce the time for intercontinental transport by an order of magnitude. The speed and long-range capabilities are enabled by hydrogen as a fuel, and it will open new flight paths for passenger and cargo transportation anywhere on Earth.

  • Hypersonic cruise speed
  • Actively cooled surfaces
  • Smart Autopilot System
  • Long-range capabilities

Powered by Hydrogen

Traditional air transport makes up 2.5% of global annual carbon emissions. To help reduce this, we are committed to operating a carbon-neutral business.

  • Hydrogen can be produced from water through electrolysis using renewable energy.
  • When hydrogen is burned, the main byproducts are heat and water.
  • Hydrogen is becoming inexpensive to produce, which will help enable low-cost flights.
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Hydrogen enables Hypersonic Flight

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