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New Hydrogen Projects Worth 27M Euros supported by the Spanish Government

April 6, 2023

We are proud to have been awarded grants for two projects worth a total of 26.7 million euros by the Spanish Government to expand our hydrogen propulsion capabilities.

These grants were awarded as a part of Spain’s plan to make the country a world leader in producing renewable hydrogen and developing hydrogen-based mobility solutions. The Spanish government invests heavily in developing hydrogen propulsion as part of its economic resilience and transformation plan through strategic projects funded by the European Commission’s Next Generation funds.

12m Euros Awarded by PTA (Aeronautical Technology Plan)

A 12m Euro grant will go towards demonstrating flights powered by hydrogen as a part of a program by the Spanish Ministry of Science. The Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI), the body that oversees the Ministry’s program, has selected the project as a strategic initiative within its Aeronautical Technology Plan (PTA). Together with our partner, ITPAero – a Spanish engine manufacturer, we are jointly developing hydrogen engine testing facilities and showcasing our research in hydrogen combustion with the direct support and collaboration of INTA (Instituto Nacional de T√©cnica Aeroespacial). The partnership was set up already in June 2022.

14.7m Euros Awarded by PERTE (Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation)

In December 2022, under the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification selected Destinus for a new 14.7-million-euro project to demonstrate the feasibility of supersonic flight with hydrogen. It is noteworthy that while the intensity of the aid varies from company to company, Destinus received the highest aid due to its SME start-up character.

Our participation in these two programs enables us to continue our work toward becoming a major player in the hydrogen propulsion industry. We are currently testing a gaseous hydrogen post-combustion jet engine (afterburner) while working to advance other engine technologies using cryogenic fuels such as liquid hydrogen. These technologies will undergo extensive ground testing over the coming year and be integrated onboard our next supersonic prototype, Destinus-3, in 2024.

We are committed to leading the way in revolutionizing the aerospace industry in Europe to enable high-speed, low-emission flights through developments in hydrogen and hypersonic propulsion.